ABA Original SMS Schneckengewindeschelle

77-95/12 C7 W4 in VPEs a 50 Stk


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worm-drive clamps for heavy-duty applications HD
clamping range
width of clamp
clamp / connector material
pack size


  • W4 All parts completely made of stainless steel 1.4301

Product description:

The Worm Drive Clamp for Heavy Duty Applications is a multi-range hose clamp ideal for special applications where high torques and contact pressures are required. 


  • Extra rugged construction allows for increased tightening torques
  • Very high breaking torque
  • Extended bridge prevents hose leakage and damage
  • Large clamping range


Our premium product is the NORMACLAMP® HD worm drive clamp, available in 16 mm bandwidth and W4 material only. The extended bridge prevents leakage and hose damage. 

article no.: 20012515


available at short notice